2009 January - October, National Tour of "Saudade", David Roussev/REALITY, Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, MD, University of Montclaire: Montclaire, NJ, Yerba Buena Center for the Performing Arts: San Francisco, CA, Columbia College, Chicago, IL, Jacob's Pillow Dance
Festival: Berkshires, MA

2008 November. Choreographer's shwocase, Guest Artist, "Jathi Revisited" - 5 minutes, Lawrence, Kansas

2008 May. Showing of "Saudade", David Roussev/REALITY

2007 November. Choreographer's Showcase, Guest Artist, "Timeout"- 6 minutes, Lawrence, Kansas

2007 May. Residency and in-progress Showings of "Saudade", David Roussev/REALITY, Harlem, NY

2005 November. UCLA "Remembering Medha", Post Natyam Collective, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

2005 May. Conference: Dance in South Asian Diaspora, Post Natyam Collective, Irvine, CA

2005 April. AID India KC Chapter, Featured Guest Artist at the Tsunami Fundraiser, UMKC, Kansas City, MO

2005 March. Solo Program, Featured Guest Artist at the Annual Holi Festival, Hare Krishna Temple, Utah


2004 July. "Meet the Goddess', a 10 minute duet & solo at the "Barnsdale Park', CA (ARTWALLAH FESTIVAL '04)

2004 July. "Natural Music", a 45 minutes Duet/Collaboration- Cherry Foundation, Monterey, CA

2004 April. "Ode to Spring", 15 minutes solo, Cal State, Dominguez Hills, Ca

2004 Jan. "Avatar", 20 minutes solo, "Highways Performance Space", Los Angeles, CA

2003 Mar. Meet the Goddess 12 minutes solo Japan America Doizoki Gallery

2003 Mar. Peace Offering 6 minutes solo Long Beach - Womens Festival


Contemporary Genre—

2001 Oct--Quiet/Fire Parijat Desai California Plaza, Downtown
Los Angeles

2001 March-- Translations Carol McDowell Highways Performance

Principal Roles with Shakti Dance Company, Choreography: Viji Prakash (1984-2002)

Traditional Genre--

2002 Parampara Indian Dance Drama

2001 Mahabharata Indian Dance Drama

2000 Gita Govindam Dances in Bharata Natyam & Odissi

1999 Dance Camp Dance drama in Tamil with choreography by guest artists Ajit Bhaskaran Das (Malaysia) & Kiran and
Sandhya (Madras, India)

1998 Varnam Arts Festival in Ojai, CA


July 25, 2004:-Anjali performed with collaborator and colleague Shyamala Moorty as part of Nitin Sawhney's set for "World Music Electronica" at the Hollywood Bowl.

July 10, 2004: Anjali and Shyamala collaborated with poets J.S.R.L. Narayana Moorty and Elliot in a performance entitled "Natural Music" in Monterey.

2003 House: Inter-disciplinary theater, Ravi Kapoor, (director)

2002 Ajar: Musical Collaboration with Composer/Sound Designer David Karagianis

2000 24th Sunday: Collaboration with composer, Babu Parameswaran

1999 Split In-tension: Collaboration with musician, Jonathan Marmor

1998 The Illuminist: Collaboration with puppeteer/animator, Susan Simpson



Choreography/Performances (contd)

2002 Nov. Ajar 45 minutes Evening length Highways Dance-theatre Performance work Space

2002 Sept. Offering to the Sea 10 min. Quartet Santa Monica Beach

2002 Sept. Empty Prayers 6 minutes Trio World Festival of Sacred Music

2002 March. Empty Prayers 9 minutes Trio 126 Kinross, UCLA

2002 Jan. Conversations 10 minutes Duet Fountain Theater:
Festival of Solos & Duets

2001 Oct. Conversations 10 min. Duet Electric Lodge

2001 Aug. Installation 2 hours Group Piece Downtown L.A.

2001 July. War Scene 5 min. Ensemble Thousand Oaks Civic (Mahabharata) Work Center

2001 June. Information Knowledge 10 min. Group Piece Schoenberg Hall,
Knowledge UCLA

2001 May. Firebath 7 min. Duet Artwallah, Artshare Downtown L.A.

2000 Aug. 24th Sunday 12 min. Ensemble Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza

2000 June. Common Ground 10 min. Solo sections Colburn Perf. Arts & John Anson Ford Theater

1999 Oct. Moment 5 min. Solo Cal Arts Open House , Theater II

1999 Feb. Split In-tension 7 min. Duet Cal Arts MFA 1, Theater II