"We rarely hear the inward music, but we're all dancing to it nevertheless, directed by the one who teaches us, the pure joy of the sun, our music master". ---Rumi

Yoga Training

Center for Yoga Teacher Training—comprehensive study of anatomy, alignment, sequencing, yoga sutras, vinyasa, and more. Letter of completion available upon request
(May 2003)

UCLA’s Department of World Arts & Cultures—studied Ashtanga/Vinyasa yoga with Shiva Rea (2000-2002)

Iyengar Institute of Los Angeles—studied yoga with Karin O’Bannon (1999-2000)

Iyengar Institute of Ventura— (1997-99)

Berkeley Recreational Sports Facility— (1995-97)


Teaching Experience

UC Berkeley, Yoga Instructor (August 2003-May 2004)

Teach Vinyasa (breath-based) Hatha Yoga to adults of all ages and mixed levels through the Recreational Sports Facility

Claremont Resort, California -(October 2003-May 2004)

Yoga and Dance Instructor - Teach Yoga and Dance to guests and members of the Club at the Claremont

Berkeley Yoga Center - (January 2004 - May 2004)

Yoga Instructor - Teach begining / Intermediate Vinyasa Hatha Yoga to adults of all ages

Oakland School for the Arts - (Fall 2003)

Dance and Yoga Instructor - Taught Bharata Natyam, Yoga and Modern Dance to high school students (both Dance and Non-Dance Emphasis classes)